Twin Blade Razor - Razor Only


Our Twin Blade Razor.

1x Twin Blade Razor – Your choice of color and handle.

Clear Anodized
Dusk Grey Anodized
Black Anodized
Long Handle
Short Handle


A Truly Unique Shaving Experience

Stop buying expensive cartridge razors or disposable razors.  Stop trying to make that last cartridge last 2 months.  Don’t worry about learning a new technique.  The Twin Blade will give you an amazing shave and is intuitive to use.

Two Blades is Best

Want to know a little secret that big shaving companies don’t tell you?  Turns out that the ideal number of blades is 2.  Anything more than that is a marketing gimmick.   One is great, if you have good form.  3 to 5 is great if you enjoy ingrown hairs and throwing your money away!

Our proof is in our user data and testimonials.  Everyone has reported a comfortable shave with no nicks or ingrown hairs.

Uses Almost Any DE blade

DE (double edge) blades are extremely high quality and very cheap when compared to other shaving options. Most people can shave for a year with only $10 worth of blades.

When it comes to selection, there are a huge variety of DE blades available!  This gives you the option to really dial in the perfect shave for you.  You can start with our recommendations and then experiment to find your preference.

No Technique Required

The Twin Blade has zero learning curve.  You can get a great shave from the start.  Our razor head is designed so that you can shave much like a 3-blade cartridge or fixed blade disposable.  Don’t worry, if you are at the wrong angle, it just won’t cut and you won’t get razor burn!

Made 100% in the USA!

We are committed to making everything local in Chicago and our machine shop in Rockford, Illinois.  We make both the razor and press in-house with our own brand of handmade craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing techniques.  With our own hands, we manufacture, finish, test, and package every razor and press to the highest standards before we ship to you.

Low Environmental Impact

We strive to have the lowest environmental impact possible.  At its core, shaving with a Twin Blade saves a TON of plastic waste.  The only consumable with our system is the blade, which can be recycled, unlike disposables or cartridges.   On top of this, we use vegetable-based coolant in our machines, an environmentally friendly anodized finishing process, and our packaging uses zero plastic, so you can recycle or compost it!

Additional information

Weight1.5 oz
Dimensions5 × 1.5 × 1 in
Finish Color

Clear Anodized, Dusk Grey Anodized, Black Anodized

Handle Length

Long Handle, Short Handle

Razor Material

6061 Aluminum