Blade Loading Press Gen 2


This is the tool you need to unlock the magic of the Twin Blade Razor.

1x 3D Printed Press


Where the Blade Folding Magic Happens!

The Blade Loading Press was designed together with the Twin Blade Razor to facilitate a precise and reliable blade loading.

Yes, it is actually 3D Printed

3D printing is the perfect match for our starter press.  The technology allows us to make presses locally in Chicago with our own equipment at a price that makes it easier to get started using the Twin Blade.  The presses are tough, durable and can be cleaned with soap and water.  Our presses are not dishwasher safe.

Uses Almost Any DE blade

DE (double edge) blades are extremely high quality and very cheap when compared to other shaving options. Most people can shave for a year with only $10 worth of blades.

When it comes to selection, there are a huge variety of DE blades available!  This gives you the option to really dial in the perfect shave for you.  You can start with our recommendations and then experiment to find your preference.

Made 100% in the USA!

We are committed to making everything local in Chicago and our machine shop in Rockford, Illinois.  We make both the razor and press in-house with our own brand of handmade craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing techniques.  With our own hands, we manufacture, finish, test, and package every razor and press to the highest standards before we ship to you.

Low Environmental Impact

We strive to have the lowest environmental impact possible.  At its core, shaving with a Twin Blade saves a TON of plastic waste.  The only consumable with our system is the blade, which can be recycled, unlike disposables or cartridges.   On top of this, we use vegetable-based coolant in our machines, an environmentally friendly anodized finishing process, and our packaging uses zero plastic, so you can recycle or compost it!  Our presses are made of PLA, a plant based plastic, is made from renewable resources.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

3D Printed PLA