Maxwell June Twin Blade Safety Razor

SHAVE a better way

A truly unique razor you reload yourself with a single 10 cent blade.

No cartridge, subscription, or plastic waste of a disposable.

Twin Blade Starter Set

Everything you need to get started

$99  $115


  • 1 – Twin Blade Razor
  • 1 – 3D printed blade loading press
  • 5 – Astra practice blades
  • 1 – Storage tin for used blades

How It Works

75% Engineering
25% Magic
100% Amazing Shaves

The giant razor companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars in factories that make multi-blade disposable and cartridge style razors that fill up landfills.

We have invented a simple mechanism that fits in the palm of your hand that converts almost any single DE safety razor blade into a 2 blade cartridge style shaver.

This ultimate shaving life hack can save you hundreds of dollars a year, reduce the amount of plastic in your life, and most importantly give you an incredible shave!

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See what our early adopters are saying about their Twin Blade Razor.
Watch Josh's shave with the Twin Blade.

In the Press

The Maxwell June Razor Bridges The Gulf Between The Cartridge World And The DE World