Twin Blade + Press

Make your own two blade cartridge in a SNAP!

Twin Blade + Press

Make your own two blade cartridges in a SNAP!

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How It Works

The Twin Blade Razor and Press are used together to snap any standard double edge safety razor blade into two while loading it into our cartridge style head. Watch us make two in under a minute with one of our prototype presses.
Maxwell June Twin Blade Shaving System
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Get it on Kickstarter

Kickstarter will be the primary way to get a Twin Blade and Press.  Sign up there and make a pledge to be the one of the first to get one.  The campaign goes into great detail about the product and about us.

Maxwell June Team

Who we are and why we are doing this?

We are a small team that includes an industrial designer, a mechanical engineer and a manufacturing expert based out of Chicago and Rockford, Illinois. We have been in the business of designing and producing consumer and commercial products for over two decades with hundreds of products in the market for our clients.

Maxwell | June is our first endeavor into designing, developing, and manufacturing a product ourselves. We are on Kickstarter to get this idea off the ground.