Start Shaving

It's like making an espresso! It takes a little practice

Before you dive into shaving with your Twin Blade, there is a little bit of a learning curve to loading and unloading a blade.  We have included 5 Astra blades in your starter set that you can use to practice.  Most of our users get it right in their first or second try.  It will feel like magic once you get it!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use your fingers to load and unload the blade and DO NOT put your fingers into the press after the blade is loaded!

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Having Trouble?

If you have any trouble, use our contact page to send us a message and we will be happy to help you out!


Before loading, make sure your razor parts are clean and dry.

1. Prep

  • Assemble the head razor without a blade.
  • Place the razor into the press base.
  • Push the press ring down firmly and then remove.
  • The head front should now be fully seated in the press ring.

2. Load

  • Place your unwrapped DE blade into position.  If there is wax on one side of the blade, we recommend placing it wax side up.
  • Be sure the blade is fully seated in the press with a touch and wiggle of your finger on top.
  • Set the press ring onto the press base so it sits on top of the blade.  It will only go one way.
  • Press down on the ring slowly with even pressure, keeping your fingers away from the inside of the ring.  You may feel some resistance just before the blade breaks. If this happens, press more firmly and break the blade.
  • Press the ring down until it bottoms out on the press base.
  • The head front should be fully loaded.

3. Remove & Inspect

  • Insert the press top into the ring.  It will only go one way.
  • Hold down the press top with one hand and pull up on the ring with your other hand.
  • Remove both the press top and ring leaving the loaded razor in the press base.
  • Remove the assembled razor and check to see that the gaps between the front and back of the head are even.  Also check that the blades looks straight and parallel.

Watch the instruction video all at once.


Shave with the Twin Blade razor the same way you would with a disposable or 3 blade cartridge razor.

Shaving Prep Product

Our goal was to design a razor that works no matter how you like to shave.  Start with whatever shaving product you currently use and the Twin Blade will work well with it.  We are working on a list of shaving products that our users prefer.  When they report back to us we will share that information with you!

Shave Angle

The Twin Blade has very little blade feel but at the same time gives very good audible and skin feel feedback.

Start shaving at about a 45 degree angle and adjust for feel.  If you are at the right angle, you will feel and hear your stubble being removed.  If you are at the wrong angle, nothing will happen.


Eject & Store

  • Use the top of the press ring to release the head front.
  • Line up the head with the parallel flats of the ring with the blades facing up.  The head back will fit in the slot and the head front will not.
  • Push the handle down into the slot to release the head front.
  • Blades typically stick to the head front but will sometimes stay in the head back slot.
  • Carefully remove the blades without touching the sharp edge.  We recommend using tweezers or another tool if needed. 
  • Store your used blades in our used blade tin or another safe container.


Everyday Cleaning

Some users will keep their Twin Blade loaded for multiple shaves.  If you choose to do this, clean your shave product from the razor with water and towel dry to avoid water spotting.

Disassembled Cleaning

While your head is separated, wash both sides with warm water.  Wax from the blades can build up on the razor parts and this may require soap or scrubbing with a toothbrush or washcloth.  Clean all parts of the razor and dry with a towel.

Deep Cleaning

Shave soap or lotion can get built up on the razor parts.  Soaking the razor parts in warm water can help re-hydrate these products so they can be rinsed off more easily.  Use a toothbrush or washcloth with soap to thoroughly clean any build up on your razor.  A mild detergent such as dish soap works best for deep cleaning.