Maxwell June Team

Who we are and why we are doing this?

Maxwell June was started as a side project in 2019 by Robert Glenn, founder of Rute Design, a Chicago-based product design and engineering company.

Rob set out to combine the superior performance and low cost of a DE safety razor with the ease and comfort of a disposable cartridge. The Twin Blade is the result of 1000+ hours of design and engineering and more than a hundred 3D printed prototypes, all of which Rob used to shave every day to test, adjust, and perfect.

After reaching the limit of Rute Design’s 3D printing capabilities, Rob started up a machine shop with his twin brother Rich, an expert production machinist, in their hometown of Rockford, IL. @twinspindlecorp is where you can see a behind the scenes glimpse of our activities as we prototype and ramp up production of the Maxwell June product line.

Our Core Values:

  • Make a truly unique and positive contribution to the shaving industry.
  • Manufacture and source as much as possible in our home towns first and then in the US.
  • Build and maintain a robust company that our employees and families can be proud of.
  • Have fun doing cool stuff every day!

Watch our introductory video to learn more about us and our razor.